Fines and Fees: The True Cost of Fines When Convicted a Drug Crime in Coweta Superior Court

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Drug cases are some of the most common that we defend in Coweta Superior Court. With the exception of some of the more serious crimes like trafficking, it is commonplace for prosecutors to ask for a fine. In the past, prosecutors have typically asked for a fine in the amount of $1,000. But, over the past few months, the standard fine prosecutors are asking for is $1,500.

Why Are Prosecutors Asking for an Increased Fine?

We don’t know why the prosecutors have made this shift in policy and they don’t have to answer to anyone other than voters (who they are actively trying to disenfranchise). Perhaps the prosecutors are under more pressure to collect money for uncle sam and all the government employees. Maybe they are trying to squeeze as much money as possible out of marijuana cases before it is legal (prosecuting marijuana cases at all is its own separate moral issue, but the fines are even worse). Who knows? What we do know is that as of now, the prosecutors are asking for a 50% higher fine than they were just a few short months ago.

What is the True Cost of a $1,500 Fine in a Drug Case in Coweta County?

The true cost of a $1,500 fine, however, is much greater. I’m not entirely sure that all prosecutors understand the ramifications of a $1,500 fine when they ask for it because the true cost ends up being much more. These fines are loaded with fees and surcharges and is a classic example of a government taking advantage of its citizens. Let’s take a look at the breakdown of the fines and surcharges applied to a $1,500 fine in a drug case in Coweta County Superior Court:

  • Base Fine: $1,500
  • Court Cost: $100
  • State Surcharge: $50
  • Indigent Defense: $160
  • County Surcharge (Jail Fee): $160
  • Crime Victims Assistance Program: $80
  • Drug Surcharge: $800
  • Crime Lab Surcharge: $50.
  • Total Fee: $2900.

The total fine on a “$1,500 fine” is nearly double that – $2,900. Similarly, on a $2,500 fine, the total fine comes out to $4,650.

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