Bond Conditions in Child Molestation and other Sex Cases

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Can I get a bond in a child molestation case? Yes! But, you should expect conditions of that bond.

The first question we always get when we are hired on a case is “what about a bond?” It is the natural first question and sets the tone for the rest of the case. Everything is easier when the client is on bond: communication, trial prep, etc. Furthermore, a bond takes some leverage away from the prosecutors who can use continued incarceration as a mechanism to try and force a defendant to plea.

Bond is easier to get in some cases than in others and sex cases can be tough. But, Courts do regularly grant our clients who are charged with sex crimes bond. The court does, however, typically impose conditions on those bonds. I will share a few of the common bond conditions.

Common Bond Conditions in Sex Cases

There are a few bond conditions that we typically see in these cases.

  1. Almost always the defendant in these cases is to have no contact with minors.
  2. If the client is young and lives at home, he may be required to live at home with his parents.
  3. If the case involves the internet, or pornography, then oftentimes the judge will require the defendant to refrain from using the internet.
  4. The defendant will not be allowed contact with the alleged victim.
  5. Sometimes the judge will require the defendant to remain in certain counties while on bond or restrict the Defendant from leaving the state.
  6. The judge may order the defendant to wear an ankle monitor.

Bond conditions are not fun, but it is better than no bond. Getting out on bond is the number one goal early in a case, conditions can always be modified after they are originally set. In some situations, the best chance at a bond is to provide the judge with some proposed conditions.

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