5 Things to Do If You Are Arrested in Newnan, Georgia

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This is a list of five important things you must remember if you are arrested in Georgia. Whether its Newnan, Carrollton, or beyond the principles remain the same.

1. Remain Silent

Do Not Speak to the Cops No Matter What.

2. Remain Polite

Your arrest may be illegal, cops may have violated your 4th, 5th, or 6th amendment rights, you may be completely innocent. This is not the time to argue that – your attorney will handle that later.

You must, however, not struggle or resist. The Cops will put an obstruction charge on you for that.

3. Let a Loved One Know

You must let a loved one know that you were arrested so that they may handle the next couple of steps for you. With that said, when you call your loved one DO NOT discuss the case – don’t even tell them why you arrested. Simply tell them where you are (i.e. Coweta County Jail) and they can get started with the next steps.

4. Contact a Newnan Criminal Defense Attorney

This is important for a couple of reasons. First, your attorney can help your loved one with number 5. Your attorney also may need to begin an investigation – seizing evidence from the crime scene, locating fleeing witness, securing video footage (often deleted automatically after a certain amount of time), or even securing a subpoena for disappearing evidence before it is gone (think snapchat).

5. Get a Bondsman / Post Bond

Regain your freedom by bonding out. Read more about that here. Posting bond will give your freedom back, but the fight has just started. Dig in. Don’t Fight Alone. Contact us for a free and private consultation.

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J. Ryan Brown Law, LLC