It is possible to have your name removed from the sex offender registry, but only if you meet the strict conditions set out by law. Depending on the circumstances, you might never be eligible for removal. That said, countless people qualify for removal without even realizing it.

Given the consequences of remaining on the registry, it is not in your best interest to attempt removal on your own. A mistake could delay the process or even lead to the denial of your petition entirely because you can only apply for removal every two years. Seeking the guidance of a dedicated legal team familiar with sex offender registry removal in Newnan could help your chances of a favorable outcome. Let our sex crime attorneys fight on your behalf.

Eligibility for Removal from the Registry

The process to remove yourself from the sex offender registry is not a simple one. This process is only available to individuals who completed every aspect of their criminal sentence, which goes beyond serving any jail time ordered by the court. To apply for registry removal, you must also complete all probation or parole and pay all of your fines in full.

Removal is also limited to individuals who are first-time offenders. Anyone who has prior sex offense convictions or who is deemed anything other than low-risk by the Sex Offense Registration and Review Board stands little to no chance of being removed from the registry. Other requirements include:

  • The applicant did not use a deadly weapon
  • Serious physical injury did not occur
  • The victim was not restrained or bound
  • The victim was not transported to a different location

An experienced local lawyer is familiar with the state guidelines and could help you determine your best options.

Pursuing Removal in Newnan

If you are eligible for removal, there are specific steps you must take to do so. First, you and your lawyer must initiate the removal process by filing a petition in court. You also must file the petition in the court where the underlying conviction occurred. If the conviction was outside of Georgia, you must file in the county where you reside.

The Hearing Process

Filing the petition is only one step in the process. Once the petition is filed, you need to have a hearing. During that hearing, the judge will determine if you meet each of the qualifications set out under the law.

While at the hearing, you will have the chance to make your case that you do not pose a risk of reoffending and that the Court should agree to remove you from the registry. The evidence developed in these cases could go a long way toward securing a positive outcome, especially with the assistance of an attorney. Many people rely on psychotherapists and other expert witnesses to explain to the judge why the applicant is not a threat, which your legal counsel can advise you on.

The state also gets an opportunity to be heard at these hearings. A representative of the district attorney might present evidence to try suggesting you are still a threat. Ultimately, however, the judge will decide if removal from the sex offender registry is appropriate.

Contact an Attorney About Sex Offender Registry Removal in Newnan

If you believe you qualify for removal from the sex offender registry, it could benefit you to first discuss your options with an attorney. The process can be complicated, and attempting it on your own could decrease your odds of success. Contact our office today to speak with an attorney who can help you get started with sex offender registry removal in Newnan.

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